The Fajara Rotary Club offers an organized and enjoyable way for civic-minded executives and professionals to contribute their skills and talents to the progress of The Gambia.

As a Rotarian, you and your company will become part of the 1.2 million worldwide Rotarian network, and warmly welcomed at the 33,000 clubs in more that 172 countries. You will also establish life-long friendships with other like-minded men and women in a cross-section of industries and professions.

We encourage all civic-minded business owners, managers, professionals and corporations to explore the benefits of Rotary membership . If you and/or your company would like more information about becoming a part of the legendary Rotary Club of Fajara, or would like to visit one of our regular lunches, contact us.

It all starts with attending one of our lunch meetings. Come and listen to one of our great speakers, get to meet other members and find out what it is like every Friday at 20.30 pm at The Swiss Boutique Hotel in Bijilo.