Poverty, lack of access to education and ill health are all blocks to development of communities in the Gambia. They all interact to keep people down and prevent them from bettering their lives and growing.

The lack of money can prevent access to education and medical help. The lack of education can limit access to better employment opportunities or the ability to cope with ill health appropriately. Ill health can reduce time in education and economic activity. For many, many Gambians these blocks keep them stranded in a desperate situation with little or no hope of escaping from it.

Many of us take the access to clean water, health care and education for granted. We want to make that the case for all Gambians. Our projects aim to do just that.

Fajara Rotary Club aims to kick start  a number of sustainable community development and investment initiatives which will help to build a future where all Gambians will be economically active, educated and in good health.

Delivering the Basics For Development

Imagine waking every morning wondering whether you will be able to feed your family today or whether your child will live or die. In such circumstances, people have to live from day to day and have little or no opportunity to develop a better life for the future of themselves and their family.

For most of us, the idea of not being able to attend school because of one’s gender is unthinkable. But in developing countries, particularly in Africa, it’s all too common for girls to be excluded from formal education. In Sub Saharan Africa, some 16 million girls are not in school due to complex social, political, traditional and economical factors.

The Rotary Club of Fajara believes that if these communities could just be given the basics to get them out of this cycle of poverty, they would embrace a better future and work hard to make their lives, and the lives of their families better.






  1. Rotary partnered with UNICEF, CDC the GAMBIA Government and who and participated in the 1st and 2nd round of the polio immunization campaign in 2010 and 2011 where more than 360,000. Children across the GAMBIA were immunized at a cost of USD21,751.00
  2. presentation of medical drugs worth USD30,000.00 in February 2010 to the health sector of GUINEA BISSAU through the rotary club of BISSAU
  3. Provision of Cervical Cancer machine in September 2009 to the royal Victoria teaching hospital worth GBP 12,000
  4. provision medical items worth USD30,000.00 to royal Victoria teaching hospital in October 2009
  5. presentation of drugs for psychiatric unit in January 2008 to the royal Victoria teaching hospital in Banjul worth USD30,000
  6. motorbike Ambulances for MANDINARING village in the Western region in 2007
  7. provision of medical equipment in 2006 and 2007 in the pediatric wing of BANSANG hospital the central River region, worth GBP47,000.00
  8. Rotary partnered with the Embassy of china on Taiwan for a sub national immunization days in Western region in 2006 for children worth USD150,000.00
  9. Donation of complete set of computer and printer to the physiotherapy unit of the RVTH in 2004
  10. provided medicinal drugs to CAMPAMA psychiatric Hospital and repaired the Generator in 2004 at a cost of GMD250,000
  11. Provided drugs Medicaments and supplies worth GMD1,000,00 to the BASSE community in 2003
  12. provided 8 moped motorbikes for the CAMPAMA mental home community outreach PROGRAMME in 2002
  13. football matches for polio awareness in 2001


  1. provision of solar lighting system to ST john s school for the deaf in may 2009 worth USD52,000
  2. organized career day for youth in November 2009 for 20 school in the greater Banjul area this give the students the opportunity to see hear and discuss career OPPURTUNITIES and requirements with professionals Businessmen and women representing a wide range of vocations
  3. provision of classroom furniture for the BRIKAMA lower basic school in the Western region worth USD16,141.00 in AQGUST 2007
  4. six years continuous scholarship for a total of fourteen children in grate one to six in Bakau lower basic school CAMPAMA lower basic school and the GAMBIA organization of the visually impaired which completed in 2008
  5. supervision of the production of classroom furniture for BABYLONE Nursery school in the Western region
  6. rehabilitation of the KEBBA JARJU memorial nursery school in TABAKOTO in 2006
  7. Donated school material to MAYOUK and SIFFOE upper basic school in 2006/7
  8. Donated a ford transit van to les Amis de GAMBIA SINCHU ORPHANAGE Kombo north
  9. Distribution of 250 bicycles under the Bicycles for school project to middle and senior secondary school in the GAMBIA
  10. full sponsorship for 26 needy student lower and upper basic senior secondary school and technical school through the YATU SARR education found of the club sine 2004 to date
  11. Nine youths attended the rotary youth leadership Awards in 2003 in the USA
  12. provided school furniture for 2 classroom to BRIKAMA lower basic school in 2003
  13. Distributed a container of 250,000 books to school nationwide including the university of the GAMBIA in 2003
  14. Presented computers to the national Library Internet service in 2003
  15. sponsored several needy students to pursue their studies from lower basic school up to GTTI
  16. Presented  books, upgraded and reconditioned computers to ARMITAGE and NASIR senior secondary school in 2002


  1. .water project in JIBOROKUTA worth USD50,500.00
  2. .provision of pipe born water in 2003 to the community of NEMA KUNKU worth USD25,000.00
  3. water e garden projects at BANNI KARANTABA WELINGARA YEIDA ongoing  projects  un the central River region


  1. medical drugs for the burns unit of BANSANG hospital worth USD50,000.00 collaboration
  2. .Gardens for the GAMBIA water project for NJAWARA basic Cycle school in north Bank region valued at USD12,050.00