Delivering the Basics

Poverty, lack of access to education and ill health are all blocks to development of communities in the Gambia. They all interact with each other to keep people down and prevent them from bettering their lives and growing.

The lack of money can prevent access to education and medical help. The lack of education can limit access to better employment opportunities or cope with ill health appropriately. Ill health can reduce time in education and economic activity.

For many, many Gambians these blocks keep them stranded in a desperate situation with little or no hope of escaping from it.

Imagine waking every morning wondering whether you will be able to feed your family today or whether your child will live or die.

In such circumstances, people have to live from day to day and have little or no opportunity to develop a better life for the future of themselves and their family.

The Rotary Club of Fajara believes that if these communities could just be given the basics to get them out of this cycle of poverty, they would embrace a better future and work hard to make their lives, and the lives of their families better.

Many of us take the access to clean water, health care and education for granted. We want to make that the case for all Gambians. Our projectsaim to do just that.

We have great ambition in sustainable development for the Gambia, where everyone is economically active, educated and in good health.